Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I attempted pizza tonight. My favorite is the Margherita italian style with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and fresh basil. Can't tell you how great and alive and just satisfying that pizza is for me.

Sadly, instead of taking the time to look up my standard, trusty pizza dough recipe I used something I found on the Foodnetwork. In their defense, it's been a LONG time since I have made pizza, much less a yeasted product so I am fairly certain that whatever went wrong was my fault. And I might add that trying to feed a grumpy 3 month old and make dough are pretty much mutually exclusive adventures.

So anyway, I think the dough was too soft aka I didn't add enough flour, but it was not at all elastic or stretchy. It stuck to everything and kept making those annoying little tears right in the middle of the circular blob I was rolling out. Made me spend much longer than I usually do in rolling out the dough and it still didn't really work out.

Anyways I got something kind of working out, topped the first pizza, baked it, marked it with a "B", took it upstairs to John and fed him that and some chocolate milk. That's what supper is reduced too down here. This new infant thing I tell you what! it's a killer on dinner.
Got the second pizza mostly done, but this time I went a bit cheese crazy and added gorgonzola and the rest of the fresh mozzarella. Normally I bake the pizza at least half way before I add the cheese, I find this to work out best for the sexiness of the toppings and the cheese doesn't burn. But I got hasty and threw all the cheese on, making it nearly impossible to slide the now WAY too heavy pie onto the stone. Which caused me to lose the shape and much of the cheese to oven's inferno.

I baked the pie, pulled it out, and then put it onto a rack to cool. Silly Leeshy, then I thought " I'll just pull the pie quickly to the cutting board so I can slice a piece right now" and in the process managed to drop my pie facedown on my pretty much dirty, cat hairy kitchen floor.
Double sigh.
Needless to say, I did not partake of that pizza and I have no photos of said pizzas to share.
Better luck tomorrow I think. I have 4 pints of fresh blueberries to use up!!!!!


Lauren said...

I feel your pain! I once did the same thing with a lemon pie as I was pulling it out of the oven--still makes me sad to think about it.

But props to you for attempting the pizza! I'm also a major fan of the margherita style, but have only gone as far as buying the take-and-bake version from Costco. :)

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the blueberries, and very excited that you're doing this blog!

Annie said...

I LOVE homemade pizza and I've totally done the 'everything blobs into the middle as I try to get it into the oven' thing. I learned to cook it halfway too:)

Awhile back I totally tripped and sent a whole beautiful bowl (plastic thank goodness) of homemade hummus to the floor and it glopped from one end of the kitchen to the other like in those carpet cleaning ads that go in slow motion.

So sad to see great food you've put a lot of time into slip from your fingers!